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Kraus helps Kwik Trip provide alternative fuel and prepares them for future growth

In April of 2012, Kwik Trip™ opened its first Alternative Fuels Fueling Station in Wisconsin, serving an expanding fleet of CNG and LNG powered vehicles. With a commitment for growth, their plan was to meet immediate throughput requirements and aggressively expand the number of stations offering alternative fuels.

The opportunity

Kwik Trip™ looked to Kraus’ industry expertise for support in reviewing the station design and providing dispensing equipment to meet that specific design need. Kraus respectfully acknowledged what the customer wanted and then worked with them to help them understand what was really needed to best serve their immediate needs and prepare for future requirements. Kraus was committed to working with Kwik Trip™ to launch an efficient and profitable CNG option at their station.


Meeting immediate needs while preparing for future development

After reviewing the requirements provided by Kwik TripTM and analyzing the station design, Kraus engineered a cost effective plan to build a custom dispenser that could be adapted for future growth when it was needed.

kwik trip dispenser


2 kwik trip price board

Kraus designs a dispenser that can expand based on throughput requirements

Kraus designed a dispensing system that met current requirements and a scalable option that would provide 2-3 times more throughput when required. The solution was extremely successful because it allowed Kwik TripTM the ability to upgrade the station while keeping the dispenser intact.


Scalable solutions save time, money and create customer loyalty

Within one year, Kwik TripTM required the additional capacity Kraus had planned for. By using an “on-demand” software setting Kraus was able to remotely “activate” the higher capacity solution. With the support of a Kraus Service Technician working along side the folks from Kwik TripTM, the system was tweaked and tested to ensure the dispensing equipment met all client requirements. The transition was seamless and took place on the same day preventing costly upgrades and service interruptions for Kwik TripTM customers.


Dispensing solutions

Kraus prides itself on creating solutions to adapt to your station goals. We have the experience and know how to evaluate the entire station design, identify challenges, and create dispensing solutions to help you maximize your station output and efficiency. Are you currently facing a challenge and looking for tailored solutions to meet your needs? Contact Kraus and let us help.

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Forward thinking saves time and money