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Kraus provides a one of a kind CNG dispenser

A number of special design elements were identified in a tender issued by Ozinga Energy in 2014 for CNG dispensers to be used at a public transit provider utilizing heavy and light duty vehicles. Although the customer requests were not unheard of, they were not common and required extensive collaboration to ensure each unique need was satisfied and integrated into a single solution. The design Kraus engineered not only met customer approval, but passed internal testing and calibration, and achieved the design goal without deviating from our existing Weights and Measures certification – on time and on budget


The opportunity

Kraus Global’s approach to building every CNG dispenser to customer specifications put Kraus at an advantage to earn Ozinga’s business and complete the design challenge. This project provided Kraus the opportunity to unify various solutions used throughout our product library and showcase these custom design elements into a single unified solution.


Willing to try something new

With customer direction to stay consistent with other equipment at the station, Kraus Global was required to deviate from using standard compression connections. Opting to use a flanged connection, Kraus Global knew there would be additional challenges in ensuring an accurate fit. Ozinga approved the design and Kraus sourced fittings and identified a new partner to reshape the tubes into the form necessary. After fine tuning, the flanged pieces were put into place, passing internal testing and calibration.

Red light. Green light.

Unique technical requirements for lighting were outlined for use in a hazardous location to visually indicate the status of a fill to station staff during filling. Kraus Global designed intrinsically safe circuitry in the upper cabinet of the dispenser using LED technology allowing the lighting to work safely within a hazardous locations setting. This unique feature allows staff to identify the status of a vehicle being filled based on the color of the light on the cabinet.

ozinga dual hose


ozinga serial plate


Rare design approved by Weights and Measures for trade sale

The customer required a universal dispenser capable of filling both heavy and light duty fleet vehicles. In response, Kraus designed a control system so all vehicles in the fleet could be filled at the same dispenser, in the same lane, and with no difference in user experience. This was achieved by constructing a dual hose front dispenser rarely seen on CNG dispensers, fully certified by Weights and Measures for trade sale.

Dispensing Solutions

Kraus prides itself on creating solutions to adapt to your station goals. We have the experience and know how to evaluate the entire station design, identify challenges, and create dispensing solutions to help you maximize your station output and efficiency. Are you currently facing a challenge and looking for tailored solutions to meet your needs? Contact Kraus and let us help.