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Kraus Fleet Series CNG Dispenser

If you are looking for a cost effective CNG dispenser that does not compromise on reliability, durability or safety, the Kraus Fleet Series dispenser is your answer. Featuring the industry leading MICON™ 500 CNG controller at the heart of its system, the Kraus Fleet Series CNG dispenser is ideal for both commercial and retail CNG fueling applications. All Kraus Fleet Series dispensers are customized to our client’s individual needs and with over 6,000 CNG dispensers deployed worldwide we have raised the bar on quality.

We don’t just sell you an out of the box solution. We take the time to understand your present and future requirements. We help identify what your future growth may be and create the dispensing solution that will maximize your station’s output and efficiency, and whether you have a fleet, private or retail location we will help you create the solution to meet and exceed your station goals.

Our custom made solutions make Kraus Fleet Series dispensers the most configurable CNG dispensers on the market today. With planned scalability we can configure your dispenser to allow for increased throughput in the future, thus increasing the life of your dispenser and saving you money.

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